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Part of my role at Addington is to help and support families in maintaining positive attendance levels. In building relationships with pupils and carers, I am here to help overcome any barriers to attending school that may be in the way. We want children and young people to enjoy coming to school to ensure their attendance is as high as it can be to achieve their full potential.
We understand that many of our pupils have complex medical conditions that mean they cannot attend as much as they would like - we take all personal circumstances into account when collecting data and offering support.

Toni Cannon

Attendance Officer

Frequently Asked Questions -
How do we report an absence?
Please call the school as soon as you know that your child / young person will not be in. Call 01189669073 option 1: report a pupil absence. In your message, please include the pupil's name, class and reason for their absence. If this is not done, you may receive a call from me to find out why your child / young person is not in, or in some circumstances, I will do a home visit.
I need to drop my child off late regularly, how can I let you know?
Late drop off / early collection forms are available HERE​.  Please note these will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances on an individual basis, depending on the child's / family's needs.
How do we book a term time leave of absence?
Where possible, we encourage families to book their holidays in the school holidays. When needed, requests for leave of absence can be made by completing this form HERE​. When received, decisions regarding authorising the leave are made by the Headteacher. Leave requests will only be authorised in "exceptional" circumstances.
I am struggling to get my child to school, can you help?
There are many different reasons that may affect attendance, I will help as much as I can in whichever way I can, to help overcome such barriers. Please get in touch with me as soon as things start getting difficult as the quicker we work together to fix things, the better for everyone. 
Further information can be found below: 
The School's attendance and supporting medical needs policies can be viewed on our policies page.