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Song of the week

This week our song of the week is I'm A Believer.  Watch the video below and join in!

Look at the Colours

Explore looking at different colours. This could be different flowers or different materials you may have.

Sing a Song of Flowers

Find an instrument or something that will make a sound. Copy Sean and play fast when the flowers "grow" and/or create longer pauses to develop anticipation of the song resolving. There are some signs to support too.

Watch the video below to make blooming paper flowers which could be used along with the song.

I Like The Flowers

Sing and sign along with Sean. Explore singing both parts of the song.

What music has been inspired by flowers?

Watch the video below and explore some classical pieces of music that have been inspired by flowers, with Rhona.  As you listen close your eyes and imagine walking through somewhere with beautiful flowers.  Then complete the worksheets about different instruments and sounds that are attached below.  

Here is some more information about Waltz of the Flowers https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/ten-pieces/KS2-tchaikovsky-the-nutcracker-waltz-of-the-flowers-russian-dance/z4y3rwx

Here is a play list of the music included in the video so you can listen to the full pieces and watch some of them being performed  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHRkmvijsQknV0s4Gfgl_S98NXcyr-jm3

 How does it make a soundDownload
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Where have all the flowers gone?

Watch the video all about a song called where have all the flowers gone and find out what it is about with Rhona.  Then listen to the play list below and complete the task on the worksheet below.

Songs that are about a change in society are often called protest songs.  Listen to this play list and then complete the work below.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHRkmvijsQkmraZDJQ8Iz7VZA7dvKjYZB

 Pioneers where have all the flowers gone.docxDownload
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