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Enjoy listening to some calypso this week with this playlist


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Engine No. 9

All aboard the holiday train to explore tempo changes with Sean.

Hot Hot Hot

Explore making different sounds on a drum as well as copying actions and rhythms by Sean.

Sunshine In My Heart

Come play along with Sean and explore playing the "Sunshine" rhythm.


What better music to get us in the holiday mood than some calypso.  Listen and join in with 'Tingalayo' in the video with Rhona below.  

Make your own percussion instrument

You can make a musical instrument to play along with our Calypso piece. 

To create a simple shaker you can find a pot with a lid and explore the different sounds of putting different things inside such as small stones or rice.  Choose your favourite sound.

Create your own guiro (scraper) by finding some bumpy surfaces and using a spoon to rub up and down.  Explore how using wooden and metal spoons change the sound.

Create you own drum by exploring different sounds by tapping different (non breakable) items, such as pots and pans, plastic tubs, cushions, carpets, floor tiles etc. Find which sounds are loud and which are quiet and choose the one you prefer.


If you are feeling more adventurous there are some lovely instrument making ideas below.  You may need an adult to help when using the sharp tools to punch holes.

Make your instrument and then be ready for more calypso!

Use your instrument to play along with Tingalayo!

Here are some more videos of Tingalayo.  Watch them and sing and play along!

In the first one you will hear some steel pans, which are a popular instrument for calypso.

In this version of the song you can hear a calypso band, with a drum kit, bass, guitar, keyboard and a horn section (saxophone, trumpet and trombone).  This is the sort of band you may hear in a calypso tent, which is a traditional music event bringing lots of calypso musicians together to perform.  There is one every year in Reading!

This week we are looking at Calypso.  You can join in with the song above in the Adventurers section too!

We are going to sing and play a song called Coconut woman - watch the video with Rhona below.

Below are two versions of Coconut Woman for you to listen and play along to.  The first is a fun cartoon and the second is by one of the greatest calypso singers Harry Belafonte.  

Don't forget to listen to some calypso to get in the holiday spirit!  Here is a playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHRkmvijsQkkQOaMoLvFm1LBFFmGsbE7L

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