Addington School

Addington Outreach and Inclusion Service (AOIS)

Commissioned by: Wokingham Inclusion Group


Welcome to AOIS

We are pleased to offer an Outreach Inclusion Service to support pupils with special needs in your school, where learning difficulty is the primary need. 


Aim of AOIS

The aim on AOIS is to provide specialist support to mainstream schools in the Wokingham Borough, to enable pupils, identified as having SEND to make progress in their learning, communication and social skills and to support the reduction of any anxieties and inappropriate behaviour which act as a barrier to learning.  The service is commissioned by the Wokingham Inclusion Group.


Keeping scrolling to see how you can access all three Tiers of support



AOIS tier system

AOIS offers three tiers of support - for more detailed information on the tier system and how it can support you please CLICK HERE

Minimum Age restrictions - Now offering support to 4+


AOIS support has been extended to include children under 5 if they are within a primary school setting.

For under 5's still attending nursery or pre-school alternative provision is available.  

For support please access Wokingham Borough Council's pre-school support webpage


Support can also be found on the Wokingham Borough Council Early Years Portage Service webpage 


Tier 1 Universal Provision


AOIS offer a wealth of resources for universal provision. Please look around the site to view the services AOIS offer and how we can support you and your SEND pupils. 



Support Requests

AOIS can offer generalised support on particular areas of interest should you have been unable to find the support you require independently via other Tier 1 means.

We can offer support across a diverse range of subject matter including (but not limited to) sensory integration, access to learning, food therapy, communication & interaction, curriculum and assessment possibilities

To request this support please complete this online form




Resource Library

AOIS offers equipment on loan to schools for FREE OF CHARGE to aid with sensory regulation, processing, motor skills and more ​​

Specialist equipment to trial which can prevent unnecessary expenditure ​

CLICK HERE for more information

Tier 2 Targeted Provision

Tier 2 is the Targeted Support Service (tailored to an individual pupil) which is accessed via a referral into AOIS

We have a new referral system for the 2023/2024 year.

This is accessed and completed online


To submit a Referral please CLICK HERE

This can also be accessed via QR code

Tier 3 Specialist Provision


AOIS offer specialist provision following Tier 2 support if it is deemed appropriate; recommendations will be made by the Outreach Lead and services may be chargeable.

For more details please CLICK HERE



We offer several options for training


CPD accredited training is available free for all staff working in Wokingham Schools

  • Online training from OLT Ltd  - visit our OLT Training page for more information
  • AET training from Autism Education Trust - visit our AET for more information



Workshops - AOIS offer short subject specific workshops based at Addington School. These usually run from 4.00-5.15pm. There are several each term - dates are announced online - please see here for details


Team Teach - This is available on enquiry. Please contact OI@addington.wokingham.sch.uk. Please be aware there is a charge for this service.


Contact AOIS



0118 966 9073 (option 3, ext 274)

AOIS hold a dedicated advice line every Monday 2-5pm




The service is manned Monday to Thursday, Term time only.

Outreach Lead:  Catherine Hand, Addington School Outreach Teacher