Addington School

Addington Outreach and Inclusion Service (AOIS)

Commissioned by: Wokingham Inclusion Group


We are pleased to offer an Outreach Inclusion Service to support pupils with special needs in your school, where learning difficulty is the primary need. 


Aim of AOIS

The aim on AOIS is to provide specialist support to mainstream schools in the Wokingham Borough, to enable pupils, identified as having SEND to make progress in their learning, communication and social skills and to support the reduction of any anxieties and inappropriate behaviour which act as a barrier to learning.  The service is commissioned by the Wokingham Inclusion Group.

What support can we offer?

Three Tiers of support

Tier 1 - Universal - Provision that can be accessed by all Wokingham Schools without need for referral. 

Tier 2 - Targeted - Provision that can be accessed by Wokingham Schools through a referral process. To be eligible for Targeted Support a school must complete a referral form and sign up to the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)*. 

Tier 3 - Specialist - Support and training that can be accessed by Wokingham Schools through a referral process. Access to specialist support and training will be provided following support at Tier 2 and upon recommendation of the Outreach Lead. There may be occasions where it is necessary for a support referral to go straight to Tier 3.


*All Schools will need to sign up to a memorandum of Understanding with AOIS before any targeted support can be provided.

For more information on the services provided at each tier see link


We also offer Online training from OLT Ltd  - visit our OLT Training page for more information.


How to contact AOIS

Outreach Lead:  Catherine Hand, Addington School Outreach Teacher

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (until 12.30)

Website - www.addington.wokingham.sch.uk/outreach-service

Email - OI@addington.wokingham.sch.uk

Phone – Addington School and ask for Outreach – 01189669073 (if unavailable you will be asked to email)

(Currently the AOIS phoneline is manned for direct advice every Monday 2 – 5 pm, ring 01189669073, select option 3 and enter 274)


Useful Documents:


pupil request form