Addington School

Key Stage 2 Curriculum


KS2 - Curriculum Overview

Intent – What are we trying to achieve?

A curriculum that builds on Early Years achievements and prepares our pupils for the next Key Stage.

A curriculum that maximises progress for our cohort, our cohort being year 3 to 6 semi-formal and formal learners

A flexible curriculum that adapts and changes according to the individual needs of the pupils and is personalised accordingly

By the end of Key stage 2, we want our pupils to:

  • Have the tools to communicate to the best of their ability
  • Be able to recognise and manage their own emotions and express themselves appropriately
  • Develop positive relationships with others
  • Build and develop thinking skills
  • Develop independence and life skills
  • Have made progress with academic core skills of literacy and numeracy


Implementation – How will we do this?

Through our Curriculum Areas – taught throughout the day, through a theme or in subject specific lessons depending on needs of learners

We take a thematic approach to teaching much of our subject specific knowledge to our pupils (Humanities, Art, Drama, RE, Science). We do this because we believe is the best way for pupils with learning difficulties to make connections within and between subjects. Progression documents in the foundation subjects to enable teachers to plan for sequential learning. Please click here to see an example progression document – PSHE Progression Document

The themes have been chosen because they have breadth of subject content and are an excellent vehicle to deliver contextualised subject knowledge, with opportunities to revisit subject knowledge, build on knowledge and skills from previous themes using progression documents to support planning and delivery of sequential learning.

Three Year Overview of Themes

Please click here to see an example theme map – Dinosaur Theme Map


Impact   - how will we know if we are achieving our aims?

Addington has developed our own assessment systems for literacy maths and PSHE Pupils are assessed against their individual targets throughout the year. Their PLP targets are reviewed every term and their EHCP targets annually. Our assessment process will demonstrate that our learners are challenged by our curriculum, have retained knowledge and skills into their long-term memory and make excellent progress from individual starting points, both academically and socially.

Some of our learners will, compared to their starting points in year 4, develop formal learning skills in one or more curriculum areas. Many pupils will need less adult support to self-regulate. Most pupils will enjoy school as demonstrated by pupil feedback, pupil behaviour and levels of engagement.

Yvonne Edwards and Jo Maynard

Heads of KS2