Addington School

Lunchtime clubs



We have a range of lunchtime clubs running throughout the week for students.  Not all clubs run all year round.


Examples of current lunchtime clubs running:


Superstar Choir



Nail painting

Art club

Outdoor music

Complex and Sensory Needs Sensory disco


Please click here for list of current lunchtime clubs


Overview of clubs which run when staffing permits:


PE clubs


Football Club

This is run in separate sessions by our PE staff for primary and secondary FE in the sports courts outside.

Scooter Club

This is for secondary pupils and year 5/6. Pupils are allowed time to ride on scooters under close supervision. Pupils are given safety equipment such as knee pads and helmets to wear.

Basketball Club

This is held once a week in the games courts and run by our PE staff.

Tennis Club

Teacher led to work on hand eye coordination and tennis skills.


Dance Club

Run by an outside dance teacher in the sensory theatre.  This teaches fun dance steps and routines in a range of styles. 


Music Clubs


Production Club

Martin works with students on song writing and editing using music technology.


Xylophone Club

Pupils have a chance to learn how to play the xylophone and have a chance to play together as a group.


Other clubs


Coding Club

Pupils are given help and support to understand the world of computer coding and programming. 

Arts and Craft club

This is a chance for individuals to work on small projects and develop art and planning skills.

Beauty Club

This is a very popular club for secondary and FE students to paint their nails and have their hair styled. It is run by our own staff who are beauty trained.

Lego Club

A popular club to build models over time. Staff support to help follow diagrams, model building and develop creativity.

Sensory Story Club

This is a club for our Access learners and is run by our music team. Learners experience and take part in a sensory story with music, images and props.