Addington School



Hospitality at Addington


We are now able to start to get back on track with our hospitality curriculum in school. Just like the rest of the hospitality industry the café we ran in Wokingham Borough Council had to stop due to Covid in March 2020.


We are excited about starting to think about relaunching “Shuters“ café in the council offices in partnership with Activate learning in January 2022. Meanwhile though we have our exciting café: “The Nest” in our new 6th form block which gives our students the opportunity to serve juice and biscuits to each other at break time. We are also looking forward to opening “The Nest” up further to provide cakes and lunches to staff. This will be fully run and operated by our students.


Intent: Giving our students the opportunity to run “The Nest“ café as well as “Shuters” Café (from January 2022) will give them valuable skills in food preparation, kitchen hygiene, customer service, service skills, working on a till and many more. We have a thriving hospitality sector in our local area and being able to put this experience on their CV’s will help some of our young people secure jobs in this sector, an industry which is accessible to our young people.


Implementation: We are lucky enough to have our “Nest” café in the 6th form area. This gives students the opportunity on a rota basis to set the café up ready for service, dress in the appropriate PPE, prepare the drinks and put the biscuits out, serve their fellow students and clean down afterwards. This is real service in a safe environment with the support of our TA’s and LSA’s.


Impact: Having this opportunity helps our students grow in confidence, helps them learn team working, improves their social skills and interaction with one another and will be great CV collateral too.