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This week's theme is ..... Bubbles

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Explore more and less.

Make Rainbow Foam – symbolised instructions enclosed below.

Use either washing up liquid or bubble bath in two bowls of water. You can add food colouring for different colours. In one bowl, whisk it fast, together, to create lots of bubbles (more). In the other bowl, whisk it slowly to create less bubbles in this one.

Which has more bubbles? Which has less?

Put hands and feet in to explore.


Rainbow Soap Foam recipe .pdf

Counting to 10 song:

Counting to 20 song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRwUMD8UQK4 

Have a go at blowing bubbles – How many can you blow?

Pop bubbles – How many can you pop? Can you pop 10?

How many can you stamp?

How many can you clap?




This week let's practise adding. 

Try this Bubble Blaster game on your computer - your parent will need to register for free first, it only takes a minute. Then pop the bubbles that add up to 10!

You are looking for pairs of bubbles:


                                                                      Image result for number bonds to 10

This week let's practise sharing 24 items between 2, 3 or 4 people.  I chose chocolate buttons and used the Bubble method to help me do the sharing.  Watch the video to learn about the Bubble method, then have a go yourself.  If you want to practise even more Maths skills, such as weighing, capacity and time, then use the recipe below to make 24 biscuits.  Then you can try the Bubble method to share those as well!


 Bubble biscuit recipe.docxDownload
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