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Business Enterprise


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Our Business Enterprise lessons are a key part of the curriculum and are accessible to all. These lessons play a key role in the person development of our young people by helping them adopt a positive mind-set. It also helps them find ways to overcome obstacles and can help shape their attitude about work and their future.  


Intent: Business Enterprise is not about teaching our students entrepreneurship or simply enterprising, it is about having a positive mind-set and attitude towards trying new things and not being afraid to make a mistake when creating. It teaches them:

  • Positivity
  • Creative thinking
  • Resourcefulness
  • Independence
  • Resilience
  • Customer service skills
  • Order processing and fulfilment
  • Understanding the cost of goods and how to price items


Implementation: Our students are in small groups during this lesson to ensure that they have the right support to be creative, thinks up ideas on what products to make depending on the time of year and then learn how to make the products independently, in time. The students are also encouraged to respond to emails from customers, process orders, take money and ensure the correct change is given and understand stock control.


Impact: Business Enterprise teaches our students many skills which they would not gain through traditional classroom learning. Not only does it teach them valuable skills for the future but it might even help some of them to decide what type of job they might like to do in the future.


Bunting For Sale


The students are currently making making bunting for sale:

Bunting Catalogue

Order form (Word)

Order form (PDF)