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If you have a Doodlemaths login then try to stay in target by earning at least 35 stars a week.  Certificates will be emailed out on Fridays!

Any queries regarding Doodlemaths please email Julie at maths@addington.wokingham.sch.uk 

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Water play – if you have any foam numbers, plastic numbers etc – can your child scoop up the numbers with a net or find them in the water?


Model which number have they found.


Spread number cards/tiles out. Can they match it to the same number on a number card/tile?


Counting to 10 song:



Cut and stick numbers on fish in order to 20 (under the sea theme) – you can cut the grid in half and order numbers to 10 – dependent on your child’s ability.

 Ordering numbers to 20 fish in the sea.pdf


Colour By Number Under The Sea – numbers to 5 (dice format) and numbers to 6 (numerals).

 Colour by number under the sea numbers to 5.pdf

Colour by number under the sea numbers to 6.pdf

To play The Rainbow Fish Maths Game you will need to print out the resource below.  You could use counters or even chocolate buttons as scales if you prefer!

This game is good for practising counting to 10, adding and taking away.

                                                                                                    See the source image

 Rainbow Fish Maths Game.pdfDownload
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Pioneers, are you ready to take on The Under the Sea Maths Challenge?! 

You have 10 challenges to complete - you will find them all on the pdf file below. 

Print yourself out an editable certificate when you have finished. 

                                                                                                                                                                          See the source image

 Under the Sea Maths Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
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