Addington School



At Addington we want our students to have an understanding of history by beginning to look at their own personal history and timeline. Where appropriate we want to stimulate pupils’ interest beyond the here and now to other areas of history by linking to key historical events, developing historical knowledge and subject specific vocabulary. Students throughout the school will have regular links made to seasons, years, months and days to foster a sense of the passing of time. Where appropriate we follow pupils’ interests and those with a particular interest in an area of history are encouraged and fostered to explore this. Historical skills such as enquiry, investigation and analysis are fostered throughout and progression can be found in the form of formal and semi-formal progression planners for KS2 and above.




Our students, where possible, will be equipped with knowledge of their own personal timeline and have an understanding of the passing of different lengths of time. Our students will have an understanding of the past and of changes both within and outside of their own living memory. Our students, where possible, will be able to use their understanding of history to understand how the world changes over time and their place in the world.