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 This week's theme is ..... Blue

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Listen to blues music and look at what blue things can be found in our natural world!

In this video we see what happens when we mix blue paint with other colours. Join in at home mixing blue paint or crayons! Investigate and see what other colours you can make!

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What can you find around your house or outside that is also the colour blue? Can you go on a scavenger hunt looking for blue items?

We would love to see your photos or videos on Earwig.


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Watch the video above to see Julie making blue play dough.      

Does it stretch?  Is it sticky?  Can you twist it?  How does the play dough change if you add more flour or more hair conditioner?


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This activity requires ADULT SUPERVISION.  Science lab rules apply here - be sensible and safe at all times. 


Ok, so it's called a red cabbage, and it looks a bit purple - but the water it makes is blue!   

Watch the video above to see how Julie makes this very special blue water that changes colour when other ingredients are added to it. 

Can you make blue water and create some exciting colour changes?  Can you match the colour you make to this chart below?  Scientists use charts like this to work out how acidic or alkaline a liquid is. 


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