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Hello home learners! We have lots of exciting activities this week, all to do with the sea! First of all watch an interesting video with Lucinda about keeping safe at sea - did you know there is a special flag that tells you if sharks are in the area? Discoverers are working on their washing up skills this week with a sensory shell washing activity - with some sea sounds relaxing music and fascinating jellyfish films. Explorers are making tasty Under the Sea cookies, with royal icing - they look really pretty! With some under the sea worksheets and a communicate in print supported recipe review. Adventurers have a store cupboard tuna fishcake activity, with some worksheets and recipe review to follow up. Pioneers - I was going to demonstrate how to make Conchiglione pasta in a sea shell shape...I tried and tried but couldn't do it1 I've added some youtube videos so maybe some of you will be able to do it and send me a video so I can copy you! Instead I made some delicious courgette boats! Follow up worksheets too. 

As usual, I hope you will try some of these recipes - and if you do please upload any videos or photos to Earwig, or alternatively send them to me and I will upload them for you! Have a good week!      Kelly.chapman@addington.wokingham.sch.uk 

 a. sea - under the sea cookies review.pdfDownload
 a. Sea - Under the Sea M&M Fish Cookies.pdfDownload
 a. Sea - under the sea read and colour worksheet.pdfDownload
 a. sea - under-the-sea-find-colour-and-count-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
 a. sea - under-the-sea-mindfulness-colouring-sheets.pdfDownload
 a. sea - under-the-sea-pencil-control-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
 a. sea -under-the-sea-cutting-skills-worksheet.pdfDownload
 a. sea = mermaid-pattern-tracing-activity.pdfDownload
 a. Sea-Under the Sea Cookies Recipe.pdfDownload
 a. sea=under-the-sea-early-writing-activities.pdfDownload
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 a. Fish -Tuna and sweetcorn fishcakes BBC Good Food.pdfDownload
 a. Fish colouring sheet.pdfDownload
 a. fish decorate a fish sheet.pdfDownload
 a. Fish finger recipe.pdfDownload
 a. fish tracing activity.pdfDownload
 a. Fish TUNA cakes picture review (com in print).pdfDownload
 a. Fish- side dishes choosing sheet.pdfDownload
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 a. boat - healthy-foods-mindfulness-colouring-pages.pdfDownload
 a. boat - my-vegetable-description-worksheet_ver_1.pdfDownload
 a. boat -build-a-boat-outdoor-learning-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
 a. boat -Vegetables-Colouring-Poster_ver_4.pdfDownload
 a. boat BBC good food stuffed peppers recipe.pdfDownload
 a. boats Courgette boat recipe review.pdfDownload
 a.boat - BBC good food recipe stuffed courgette.pdfDownload
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