Addington School

Whole School Lead Teachers



Yvonne Wilson

Head of Early Years


Katie Kennett

Head of Early Years



Yvonne Edwards

Head of Key Stage 2



Jo Maynard

Head of Key Stage 2


Kate Perkins
Head of Key Stage 3


Danny Blatchford

Head of Key Stage 4


Kelly Chapman

Head of Key Stage 5



Catherine Hand

Addington Outreach and Inclusion Service Lead



Melissa Pengraeve

Head of Physical Education &

Outdoor Learning


Kimberley Legg

Head of Access



Simone Pengraeve

Head of Services and Behaviour 


Sean Trim-Coleman

Head of Creative Arts

& Enrichment



Jo Oldreive

Head of Complex and Sensory Needs




Julie Gibbins

Science and Maths Lead





Emily Cutting

Communication and Literacy Lead




Lou Duran

Head of Autism Services