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Welcome to Addington School


Addington School is an Outstanding Special School for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. All our pupils’ primary need is a learning difficulty with up to 50 percent also having Autism. I hope that you find this website informative and that it gives you a picture of our pupils, curricula, facilities and services.


All our pupils have an Education and Health Care Plan or a Statement of Special Educational Needs and we are able to accommodate up to 290 pupils, aged between 3 and 19 years.


Based in Woodley and a Wokingham maintained school, we are very fortunate to have a purpose built environment which makes our school a fantastic place for learning and wider curriculum enrichment. We have particular strengths in our Creative Arts with Music a particular focus for all our students and have considerable expertise in teaching strategies for pupils with learning difficulties as well as Autism. We have recently opened an Early Years Centre in Farley Hill.  


We are committed to tailoring a personalised Educational Programme for your child to ensure that he or she reaches their full potential. To do this we encourage our families to work alongside us and offer support services to help parents and carers in pursuit of excellent outcomes for their child.


Most importantly we believe in a positive ethos based on mutual respect where we are all learning together to be 'a community committed to excellence and the development of the potential of all’.


Whether you have a child already at the school, or are a prospective parent or carer, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your child’s education.




Sara Attra



Pupils are in school from 9.00 am until 3.15 p.m (Monday-Friday) during term time (31.25 hours a week).





“We are a community committed to excellence and

the development of the potential of all”





To know that what we do is making a

difference to the lives of our young people

By committing ourselves to:

  • Recruiting, inducting and developing high quality staff
  • Continuously striving for holistic  improvement
  • Assuring the quality of the service we offer.
  • Providing a centre of excellence for local provision of SEN
  • Being proactive in influencing local and national SEN Forums

To continue to promote an inclusive

approach to educational life

By providing:

  • A quality curriculum accessible to all
  • An entitlement to accreditation for all
  • Opportunities for students, which are equivalent to their contemporaries
  • The pupils with the skills, knowledge and independence/interdependence to face their future
  • Opportunities for integration within and outside the school

To expand our Parent and Community



  • Developing meaningful working relationships with:
  • Parents
  • Multi-professional agencies
  • Local community and industry
  • Schools

To provide a learning environment based on

mutual respect and self-advocacy


  • Encouraging all staff and pupils to manage their own learning
  • Valuing and celebrating achievements and success
  • Valuing everyone’s commitment to provide an atmosphere of safety, warmth, friendship and humour
  • Listening to others, making decisions, setting targets and monitoring our own learning
  • Providing opportunities for pupil voice

To create a challenging forward thinking culture


  • Ensuring creative teaching is an entitlement
  • Encouraging and supporting new and challenging experiences
  • Developing self-awareness and enabling everyone to seek solutions not limitations