Addington School

Supported Internships


Following the Covid pandemic which stopped our entire Supported Internship programme, we are in the process of re-establishing placement opportunities with an aim of restarting our programme with as many of our employer partners as soon as we can.


Intent: A supported internship is set up to give each student the training, support and work skills they need to help them get a job at the end of it. The majority of the learning is done in the workplace. The employer provides the work experience which is a job carved role – this means the young person is doing a real and meaningful job, the employer trains the student and ensures the skills needed for work are passed on. All students and employers are supported by a job coach. Alongside the work element of the supported internship the student will also work towards relevant qualifications. This might be functional maths and English, B-Tec qualification and/or employability skills.

Supported Internships are unpaid and last for at least six months but usually last for a full academic year — they're all about working towards getting a paid job, and wherever possible doing a supported internship will enable you to move into a paid job at the end of the programme.

Implementation: We are working in collaboration with Ways Into Work, Reading College and Brookfields School to expand the programme and give more young people opportunities to access the programme. We work with the host employer to agree and secure placement opportunities, we then invite students to apply to the programme highlighting their interests and their preferred role. Students are then invited to an interview and will also carry out a practical task before being confirmed into a role.


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  • We know that those with additional learning needs are at a significant disadvantage in terms of gaining and sustaining employment. Only 6% of people with LD are employed verses 65% who actually want a job!
  • Supported internships aim to reduce the employment gap and have a proven track record of doing so. (Typically 60%+ leaving our program having gained employment.)
  • Supported Internships are for young people age 16-24 with an Education Health and Care Plan who have a commitment to moving on from full time education into employment.
  • A supported Internship must be primarily built around a work placement and is a partnership between an education provider, a supported employment agency and a host business.
  • Students will collaborate with a host business and Job Coach to undertake an unpaid programme of work and relevant study at college or school