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If you have a Doodlemaths login then try to stay in target by earning at least 35 stars a week.  Certificates will be emailed out on Fridays!

Any queries regarding Doodlemaths please email Julie at maths@addington.wokingham.sch.uk 

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Two Little Dicky Birds story massage:



Make scented play-dough using symbolised recipe. Model counting the number of cups and spoonfuls of ingredients going in.


Recipe Scented Playdough.pdf


Next use your play-dough to make a bird by rolling two balls for the head and body, two sausage shapes for legs, two flat shapes for wings, two eyes e.g. press in buttons and one beak e.g. pasta.


Watch the 'Bird Number Formation Rhymes PowerPoint'.

 bird-number-formation-rhyme-powerpoint-_ver_1 (1).ppt 


Follow writing the numbers in the air.

Have a go with chalk on the patio in the garden, paint with water on the patio, in shaving foam, in paint, in sand, with pens, pencils or crayons.


Go into the garden or your local area – how many birds can you see?


This week Adventurers are going to find out which bird people like the most.       

Watch the video above and download the record sheet 'Which is your favourite bird?'  to help  you find out.  

If you want a harder activity, then download the 'Favourite bird bar chart'.

                                                                                                                                                       Image result for robin white background

 1 Which is your favourite bird? docx.docxDownload
 2 Favourite bird bar chart.pdfDownload
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This week you Pioneers are going to use your Maths skills to solve The Mystery Feather Challenge!

You have to work out the size of the mystery bird the feather came from, the colour of its feathers, what it eats and where it lives.  Once you have solved all 4 clues you will know which bird the feather belongs to.     

Watch Julie in the video further below explain a bit more about what you have to do.

Please note, you do not need to print out all 10 pages of the pdf document I have attached.    Pages 2-6 are all you need.       


              See the source image     Image result for mallard white backgroundImage result for pidgeon white backgroundImage result for pheasant white background

 The Mystery Feather Challenge!.pdfDownload
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