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Freephone from UK landline: 0800 111 6387 for advice on 

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Welbee Toolkit - Click link and create a login to access wellbeing resources, training, and support designed specifically for education staff.  (If using at school login to Staff Proxy)


Free online Happiness coaching program

Coping with Family Life - this guide was written during the 2020 lockdown, but some of the tips and links to further advice may still be relevant


Useful resources to support


Free Online Happiness Programme for UK Keyworkers - Art of Living UK are offering their meditation programme free to all key workers in the UK at the moment.



NHS advice on Every Mind Matters -  https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/every-mind-matters/         


If you're worried about your mental health you can speak to the Samaritans         

Understanding what causes us stress and taking action to manage our stress levels is a key part of looking after our wellbeing. The Stress Container is an interactive tool that can help us understand our stress levels




At Addington School we support our staff in improving their health and wellbeing



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