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Sand and water – beach/holidays theme:

If you have a sand tray: Using damp sand, pupils to scoop sand into buckets to make sand castles.

– Model how many scoops they are scooping in. Pat three times – demonstrate and model language.  Can the pupil copy? How many do they make?


If you have a water tray:

Pupils to fill containers with water using a smaller container e.g. how many cup fulls does it take to fill different containers?

Model number language.

Explore the water.

Summer I Spy And Count Activity to 10.

I Spy Summer to 10.pdf

Checklist for I Spy Summer to 10.pdf


Summer I Spy And Count Activity to 20.

I Spy Summer to 20.pdf

Checklist for I Spy Summer to 20.pdf


Cross off the pictures for each item as you count them.

Watch Leah model this on the video.



An ice cream truck clip art can be used in a children's story book ...

Let's buy an ice cream!   


Look at the ice creams on the downloadable Adventurers ice cream time! resource sheet below.  Get everyone in your house to choose one ice cream each.  What flavours do they want? 

Your job is to find out how much would it cost altogether. 

Easy method - use one pound coins only  New pound coin | The Royal Mint

Place 1 or 2 pound coins on the ice creams pictures you want to buy, then count all the pound coins you've put down to find the total cost.

Numicon method   Numicon Shapes 1-10 - EYFS Maths from Early Years Resources UK

If you have access to Numicon, place the 1 or 2 Numicon shapes on each ice cream you want to buy, then collect up the Numicon pieces - altogether do they cover another Numicon shape?

e.g. a 1 and a 2 will cover a 3, so a Rocket lolly (£1) and a Magnum (£2) would cost £3

Number track method   

Jump along the number track, 1 jump for £1, 2 jumps for £2.  What number do you land on?  There is a number track included in the ice cream resource sheet below. 

Then find the right money!

Are there any ice creams or lollies in your freezer? Role play ice cream shopping, £1 each!


I know some of you like doing worksheets, so I've added a Summer seaside maths activity booklet in the section below.

NB Not all activities will be suitable for all pupils, for example, the Number Comparison page is more challenging. 


 Adventurers Ice cream time!.pdfDownload
 Summer seaside Maths booklet.pdfDownload
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x   Ice Cream Series / 4 Generations, 4,000 Calories — Mitch Tobias ...                                        

Let's buy an ice cream!

Have a look at the ice cream price list which you can download below. 

Ask your family which ones they would love to eat!

Work out the total cost of everyone's ice cream using a calculator.      Free Calculator Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...

You might have a calculator function on your phone.   

When you've worked out the cost, decide whether you would use a £5, £10 or £20 note to pay for the ice cream.



Free Free Computer Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...

For an extra challenge, visit a supermarket website and find out how much ice creams cost. 

Maybe you could make a list of your favourite ice creams from cheapest to most expensive. 


Finally, click here for Fraction Beach - a challenging interactive game that will will really test your knowledge of fractions!


 Pioneers Ice cream price list.docxDownload
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