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Science                Our new science lab is open!


Autumn term 2023 1st half

KS3 and Rowan Class are learning about space through the story based topic 'The Dinosaur that pooped a planet'.

KS4 are completing work on Forensic Science.

See the Schemes of Work at the bottom of this page for more information

The science curriculum at Addington is designed to engage the interest of the pupils and to develop:

  • vocabulary
  • communication
  • knowledge
  • exploration and play skills
  • practical skills 
  • thinking skills
  • measuring skills
  • data handling skills
  • an awareness of health and safety
  • independence

How we teach science

Take a look at the Science curriculum overview slideshow which you can download further down this page for further information on the intent, implementation and impact of our science curriculum at Addington School. 

Our youngest pupils will start experiencing ‘science’ across the curriculum in activities such as cooking and messy play.  ‘Understanding the World’ is the part of the Early Years curriculum and is taught and assessed through termly topic themes.

In Sensory and Complex needs classes, pupils explore science related themes through the My Discoveries curriculum.

As pupils progress through the school they will continue to explore and investigate.  Some science teaching will be through cross curricular activities or through Middle School topic themes.  The Specialist Science Teacher and Science Assistant teach science to pupils in formal KS2 classes, all KS3 classes, and Swan class from KS4, delivering a more discrete science curriculum adapted from the National Curriculum and following Cycles of Topics taken from the Long Term Plans which can be downloaded below.  The majority of science lessons for secondary pupils take place in the fully equipped science lab.  

In Upper School, KS4 pupils who are formal learners complete STEM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), many of which are based on CREST Superstar activities.  They learn to follow science lab safety rules and follow an age appropriate curriculum which includes subjects such as health, astronomy and forensics. 

 Any major science related news stories may be incorporated into the KS4 science curriculum or revisited at any time, in order to ensure pupils have the vocabulary and understanding to follow what may be currently happening in the world around them in real time.

In KS5, pupils will apply much of their science learning across the curriculum, for example, in horticulture and work experience.  Our pupils consolidate the scientific knowledge, understanding and skills required to prepare for adulthood.

Pupils enjoy science here at Addington. Each lesson is an opportunity to create a memorable moment, a ‘wow – look at that!’ experience.


Curriculum intent, implementation and impact

 Science curriculum overview.pptxDownload
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Science Long Term Plans - Cycles of topics

 KS3 Science Long Term Plan.docxDownload
 KS4 Science Long Term Plan.docxDownload
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KS3 Science Schemes of Work

 KS3 SOW Frankenstein updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS3 SOW Frozen updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS3 SOW Funnybones updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS3 SOW George's Marvellous Medicine updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS3 SOW Madagascar updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS3 SOW Noah's Ark - updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS3 SOW Rosie Revere the Engineer - updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS3 SOW Science Boffins updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS3 SOW The dinosaur that pooped a planet - updated March 23.docxDownload
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KS4 Science Schemes of Work

 KS4 SOW Astronomy - updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS4 SOW Chemistry Crest SuperStar - updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS4 SOW Ecology and Sustainability - Crest SuperStar - updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS4 SOW Forensics - updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS4 SOW Physics Crest SuperStar - updated March 23.docxDownload
 KS4 SOW Scientists and inventors - updated March 23.docxDownload
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