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Music Community Resources Page (click link then login)

Check out this play list of music all about the sea!


Click below to quickly go to the right colour



Use fabric or a blanket to use as the waves go up and down. Follow (or add in your own) anticipation of raising the fabric on the word up.

Grumpy Pirate

Copy Sean the Pirate's actions to cheer up the grumpy pirate!

Under The Sea

Clap your hands or an instrument to copy Sean's rhythm.

Down Under the Sea

Can you sing and sign along with the Singing Hands?

Find your wooden spoons or similar to use as your rhythm sticks and then watch and join in with the video below to warm up.

Under the sea

This week we are going to play some rhythms with a song from The Little Mermaid.  Watch the video below to listen to the song.

Here is the same song being signed.... by a mermaid!!!

Watch the video below to learn some rhythms which you can then play along to Under the Sea.

This week we are having fun playing some rhythms to a piece of music called Wipeout. Listen to the piece of music below then watch the videos to play some rhythms.

We are going to...... Wipe Out!

Once you had had a listen to the piece of music above - find a pair of wooden spoons and start playing some rhythms with Rhona in the video below!

Create your own set of sounds to play a riff and then put it together with your rhythm!

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