Addington School

Work Experience


Work Experience generally starts in KS4. We aim to give all of our students the opportunity to go out to experience some real work experience with the support of a TA/LSA. This is a general work experience to get them used to being ‘at work’ and is generally in a supermarket. As they progress, pupils in KS5 are able to experience more personalised work experiences (minimum five days) or work placements (extended weekly placement). These experiences and placements are intended to be tailored to pupils’ evolving aspirations and involve engagement with employers in their areas of interest. It is the ambition for all of our students in KS5 to ultimately attend their work experience independently, this includes getting there and back too.



We have partnerships with a number of local and not so local employers. These include Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Woodley Town Council, Brown Bag Café, Rainbow Café, Café Piazza, Hair of the Dog, Clarks shoes, The Hawk Conservancy in Andover and a number of others. Our students will generally attend their work experience for 1 day a week over a 6-week period. We ensure we work with the employer to set realistic targets for them and to ensure they develop as many skills as possible. This will be extended as they move up through the school in 6th form. Our students who attend work experience are encouraged to work as independently as possible, carry out ‘real’ tasks and are part of the team.



Our work experience programme ensures that our students are more work ready by the time the leave Addington. This is great CV collateral for our students and it really makes a difference when they come to applying for jobs.