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Hello home learners!

This weeks theme is HOLIDAYS! Watch Lucinda to find out more about keeping safe in the sun in a video below. For discoverers I have made a video with a suncream sensory theme! For Explorers, Adventurers and Pioneers there are videos based on picnic foods as for many of us this year holidays will be a bit different! Follow recipes to make cheese and tomato muffins, to make a change from sandwiches, or a great FE favourite - cheese straws! Finally Pioneers can try out making delicious sticky plum flapjack - so much tastier than it sounds! If you are enjoying being outside in the garden you could try planting your plum stone  - I have included a youtube video for you to follow. Have a great week, and if you do try any of this weeks LIFE SKILLS activities then please take a photo or video and upload it to Earwig, or if you prefer send it to me and I will upload it for you - kelly.chapman@addington.wokingham.sch.uk 

Have a great week everyone, Kelly

 aa. D let's get packing sensory activity.pdfDownload
 aa. D Perfect_Picnic_Fun ideas booklet.pdfDownload
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 aa. E cheese and tomato muffin.pdfDownload
 aa. E cheese and tomato muffins recipe review (com in print).docxDownload
 aa. E making a jam sandwich sequencing activity - cut and stick.pdfDownload
 aa. E picnic memory game.pdfDownload
 aa. E picnic themed colouring sheets.pdfDownload
 aa. E vegetable and cheese muffins recipe.pdfDownload
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 aa. A cheese straws recipe 2.pdfDownload
 aa. A cheese straws recipe.pdfDownload
 aa. A how to make a jam sandwich activity sheet.pdfDownload
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 aa. A planning for the best picnic ever.pdfDownload
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 aa. P Budget for a picnic lunch at the seaside.pdfDownload
 aa. P planning a sandwich sheet.pdfDownload
 aa. P recipe evaluation sheet.pdfDownload
 aa. P recipe writing template.pdfDownload
 aa. P Sticky plum flapjack bars _ BBC Good Food Middle East.pdfDownload
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