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Hello home learners! Our theme for this week is animals! 


We are working on a variety of kitchen based life skills -  including weighing and measuring, using a toaster, spreading and opening a can. All of the videos I have made have Communicate in Print Symbols before each new action which can be used as a prompt for your young person. 


Discoverers - this week I have made a video to show you how to  make teddy bear toast! Almost too cute to eat! There are some teddy bear based paper activities, plus a teddy song and alternative toast activity for those of you feeling creative! Using a toaster is a useful life skill -but don't forget  the toaster is hot, and you must never put anything inside other than bread! 

Explorers - I have made a video showing how to make animal cupcakes - I chose to make a sheep and a cheeky monkey - but there are hundreds of different ideas you can try. I have included youtube links for perfect cupcakes and butter icing, as well as a tutorial with some more animal ideas! There are related paper activities including some supported by communicate in print. 

Adventurers - we are heading back to the 1970's to make a fun party or picnic snack - a cheese and pineapple hedgehog! The recipe doesn't use a real hedgehog - but the finished product looks like one with the cocktail stick spines sticking out! Be careful with the cocktail sticks as they are very sharp! I have linked some paper activities based on hedgehogs and an alternative to cheese and pineapple, with a youtube link using different foods. You can use anything you like as long as it can be skewered with a cocktail stick! 

Pioneers - I have made you a video for 'Toad-in the- hole' but don't worry - there are no toads in the recipe! It is a very old recipe with records as early as 1762! It was a good way of making very expensive meat go further to feed more people using other cheaper ingredients. Some people claim the name began when the golf course in the town of Alnmouth in Northumberland was overrun with hundreds of toads - the story says the chef at a local hotel devised the dish to look like toads poking their heads out of the golf holes! I hope you enjoy the video of the toads eating their lunch! 


We end with a video by Lucinda showing us how she cares for her pet dog. I have also attached some fun pet based paper activities below the video. 


As usual, if you try out any of the recipes or activities, please take a photo or video which you can upload to Earwig - or if you prefer email to me at kelly.chapman@addington.wokingham.sch.uk I look forward to seeing them!

Take care


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