Addington School

Accessing the Community



6th form students have been participating in weekly offsite trips to work on re-establishing their ability to access the community. These trips are designed for them to practise being independent, learn vital skills that are needed to be out and about in the community, gain confidence in travelling on public transport, buying tickets, being safe whilst out walking and many more. 



The trips are varied and help to develop their communication and independence skills. Trips are varied and include places like; Reading and Bracknell town centres, food shopping in Woodley, Beale Park, The Living Rainforest, Reading Museum and more. These trips focus on travel and town training by using public buses and trains, practising safe use of paths and crossings, map reading skills, looking at bus timetables, and discussing routes and locations. During the trips, students have many opportunities to practise maths and literacy skills by independently purchasing transport tickets, snacks and lunches, keeping track of their funds and budgeting what they can afford. Students focus on reading social sight words, signage, menus and following directions while developing communication skills by interacting with peers in different settings and staff members in the community.



As well as all the fantastic skills they are practising, students also benefit from an enjoyable trip which as an impact on their wellbeing and self-esteem. It gives them an opportunity to be ‘outside’ of school with their class friends too. Staff have noticed a brilliant improvement in mood and morale amongst the students over the last few weeks and we hope this has had an impact at home too.