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 This week's theme is ..... Bubbles

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Click on these resources below to follow a funny Pete Wells sensory story about the Corona Virus! There's also an ideas sheet for resources and an instruction sheet. Enjoy! You might also like Suzanne's But Martin story found in the Adventurers section and Shannon's story in the Explorers section! Let us know how you got on via Earwig! Alison & Suzanne.

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 Discoverers Ideas and instructions for telling the Corona virus story.pdfDownload
 Discoverers Sensory story Beat the Corona Virus Blues.pdfDownload
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 Adventurers But Martin story work.pdfDownload
 But Martin story map.pdfDownload
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Listen to the story, then try the activities above by clicking on the story work. There is also a story map example  to show you how to do one of your own! Post us some photos of your work on Earwig! We would love to see them!!

Need help? See the guides at the bottom of the page, or email us on: homelearning@addington.wokingham.sch.uk.  


Click on these links below for daily Phonics lessons on You Tube

click on this link for Intro to phonics 


click on this link for Next stage phonics


click on this link for More advanced phonics


Click on this  YouTube link to watch an exciting YouTube clip on blowing giant bubbles! It's amazing!! There's some work ideas in the document below for you to do! Help guides are at the bottom of the page too.

Need more help? Email us on homelearning@addington.wokingham.sch.uk.  


 Pioneer & Adventurer YouTube giant bubbles work for w.c 8 June.pdfDownload
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 How to do shared writing.pdfDownload
 How to use story maps.pdfDownload
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