Addington School

Travel Training


Travel training is a key focus in preparing our students for life beyond school. Our aim is for students to be able to independently travel using public transport to access college, work and social events. Students practise travel safety skills by working one to one with a staff member, or as part of a small group. This allows them to develop their confidence while working on skills such as; planning, time management, problem solving and reading timetables. By gradually reducing staff support over several training sessions, students develop the independence they need to travel without support.

Intent: Travel training is the process of students learning to be confident and independent in using different modes of transport and different routes to arrive at destinations safely. Students are supported to learn:

  • Planning a route
  • Reading timetables
  • Time management
  • Travel safety
  • Purchasing a ticket
  • Problem solving
  • Independence
  • Resilience

Implementation: Students are taken one to one or in small groups with staff. A travel training plan is made which incorporates learning a practical route e.g. Reading town by Bus, beginning with a high level of support to encourage awareness and confidence by using modelling and prompting. The same route is repeated to develop independence by reducing support to minimal prompts and shadowing. When the student is able to show good confidence and independence we work towards students planning their own trip, using different routes and modes of transport with the possibility of meeting staff at the destination rather than shadowed.

Impact: Travel training not only prepares our students for independent travel for college, work and social events but also develops their well-being and self-esteem. Students often realise they are more capable than they realise and this really boosts their morale and develops their maturity. Students become empowered to be more independent outside of school and join peers for social events without support from parents/carers.