Addington School

Autism Education Trust (AET)

The aspiration is to have all staff in Wokingham based schools, trained in either:

Making Sense of Autism (approx. 2hrs)

Good Autism Practice (1 day)



  Autism: Difference Not Deficit - Watch the video  HERE   

If you’re looking to build on your inclusive practice, you’re in the right place! Support your day to day classroom work by using this handy 10-point checklist to help you make small adjustments that can make a BIG difference to your autistic learners.            





For more information please contact: oi@addington.wokingham.sch.uk





Macro transitions can be very challenging for our Autistic pupils.

AET have developed a booklet to provide practical strategies, resources and case-studies to support transition from early years to primary school and from primary to secondary school 


AET - Supporting learners with autism during transition