Addington School

Hearing Impairment Support

Audiology is not open for appointments or repairs. They can repair aids if they are sent to Audiology by post. They can also send batteries if parents e-mail the department or post their battery card. 

Below are some helpful guides for maintenance and trouble shooting for hearing aids.


For cochlear implant users, the Cochlear Implant Centres are running reduced timetables and offering repair services.


Maintenance of Hearing Aids and Trouble Shooting

Below are links to websites:

Behind the ear hearing aids:







Softband BAHAs:



There is also a link for correct wearing of a softband BAHA:



Listening and Language Apps For The Ipad (free to download)

  • Fluidity - fluorescent colours at the touch of your fingers
  • Piano Pups - play the dogs like a piano - different range of barks
  • Shrek Do The Roar - shake ipad or press certain things to have cause and effect of making Shrek roar
  • Dramatic Music - music and sound instrument clips
  • Photospeak - 3D Talking Photo - choose face, speech is recorded and then photo begins to move and speak, cause and effect
  • Sound Drop - draw lines and watch Sound Drop use them to make music
  • Vocal Zoo - animal sounds
  • Peekaboo Barn Lite - peekaboo, animals will pop out to surprise you - animal names and noises, cause and effect and anticipation 
  • Talking Roby Celic - type in words for him to speak or talk to him. cause and effect of doing different things to him and dances
  • Fluid - listen to relaxing music
  • Adam's Game - shows three pictures at a time and asks learner to touch one of them. Rewards with music and visual effects on the screen. Can customise game too
  • Come Alive Listening - the seaside, the country, the street, the park
  • HB Auditory Memory
  • VocAB Scenes
  • Sound Adventure
  • Animal Sounds - more than 100 animal sounds
  • Drum Pad Machine - Beat Maker
  • I Hear Ewe - animal sounds, vehicle sounds
  • Zoo Sounds Lite 
  • Farm Animals and Animal Sounds
  • Amazing Vehicles Puzzles - vehicles. names and sounds
  • Sound Touch For Kids Lite - animals, safari, birds, vehicles, music
  • My Music Box Quiz
  • Sights and Sounds - various types (not free)
  • Music Sparkles - instruments
  • Paint Melody - draw and hear music
  • Sign BSL
  • BSL - British Sign Language
  • BSL Hands One Starter Pack - lots of topics covered e.g. colours, emotions, animals, family, numbers, family, jobs, alphabet, days of the week/year, transport and sign songs
  • BSL Hands Two - greetings, weather, school subjects, food and drink, countries, sports, day trips, holidays, questions
  • Sign Babble
  • How To Sign Language For Ipad

Sing and Sign and Singing Hands on YouTube is a favourite - signs to current songs



Social stories for:


Looking after my hearing aid:

looking after my hearing aids story.pdf


Wearing my hearing aids:

hearing aid story.pdf


Wearing my Softband BAHA:

hearing aid story BAHA.pdf