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Whole School Food Play


At Addington we know that many pupils have restricted diets due to being reluctant to try foods outside of their comfort zone or "safe foods". 

To support our pupils, classes partake in class-based food play sessions to desensitise pupils to different foods - their look, smell, texture and taste. 

Our Food Play team support classes in developing a “no-pressure” environment which hopes to reduce their anxiety and increase their interest in food.  In these sessions we expose the children to different foods similar to the foods they currently eat in the hope that over time the number of foods they will tolerate and eat will increase.

Some further external information is linked below:

Read this helpful booklet from Brookfields Food Therapy Team for more information.

Supporting children and adults with food at mealtimes over Christmas



Sarah Parry – Food Therapy Lead





Contact: Food.Therapy@Addington.Wokingham.sch.uk

Food Therapy