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This week's theme is .....


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Can you use your fingers and hands to mix paint and make a paper plate owl. Follow the picture instructions and have fun!

Play a version of guess who? Can your carer or parent describe one of the birds. Use your listening skills and find  the right picture to match the bird picture. Have fun!

Watch the video below.  You will see 6 pictures of garden birds and Ness.  Ness will describe a bird to you.  Can you guess which one it is?


Try playing this with someone in your family.  You describe the bird to them and they guess which one it is.  Then swap over.


There’s also a document showing the 6 birds Ness described, so you can have it on your screen while you play.


No printing required.




Here is a fun and active bird name letter hunt that can be played at the park, in your garden or house. Choose some bird names, write out the letters on separate cards and hide letters to each bird name in your garden. Draw a map and place numbers next to the areas to show where you have hidden the letters. If you don't want to draw a map then you could also describe where it is. Run it as a shuttle and get the whole family involved. Can you collect all the letters to reveal the bird name. You can also mix up the letters to make it harder to work out the bird. Enjoy and have fun.

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