Addington School

School Uniform


Uniform is compulsory for pupils at Addington School up to Year 11.  Uniform helps our pupils differentiate school days from holidays as well as bringing an enhanced sense of belonging.  It also presents our pupils in the best possible way when out in the community. PE kit will also be compulsory.


Pupils from year 12 onwards should follow the Addington Dress Code for FE Pupils.


Some of our pupils have sensory difficulties and find wearing some types of clothing challenging.  If there is a reason why your child cannot wear any of the uniform listed please contact us.



The school will stock a wide range of clothing with the Addington logo but all usual shops and supermarkets will also stock royal blue jumpers, cardigans and sweatshirts and standard shirts, trousers and skirts.



Please click the links below for more information about school uniform::


School uniform for students up to year 11

School uniform price list and order form

School uniform price list and order form (Word format)

FE Dress Code 

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