Addington School

Camp Mohawk

Forest Schools at Camp Mohawk

At Addington we are also lucky to be able to do Forest School activities within Camp Mohawk. It is a multi-functional day centre for children with special needs and their families, set in 5 acres of beautiful countryside, just outside Wargrave, Berkshire.  The centre provides vast woodland for children to explore and take part in forest school, while also being in a secure environment.  

Currently the forest school sessions are aimed at pupils who are 1 to 1 and any of the key stage 3 classes who attend each week. Students are encouraged to explore the outdoor environment.  The sessions are child led with zero to low demands. Every session has an aim, often including putting up a hammock or a shelter. Some pupils enjoy the experience of building the shelters, while others enjoy exploring the shelters and hammock once they are up. The sessions are having a great impact on the children, with some showing signs of longer engagement times and being calmer when outside in the woodlands, or swinging in a hammock.


Key stage 3 students and selected 1 to 1 students attend Camp Mohawk each week on a rota. They are able to participate in activities indoors (art, music, light sensory room, soft play) and outdoors (playgrounds, woodland trails, table tennis, table football, fire pit).