Addington School




At Addington we want to stimulate pupils’ interest and provide them with opportunities to explore, appreciate and understand the world around them.  We want our students to have an understanding of Geography by beginning to look at Geography as it related to them by looking at the local geography of their school. From this they will learn about wider geography of the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world. Students across the school are encouraged to reflect daily on the weather. Where appropriate we follow students’ interests and those with a particular interest in an area of geography are encouraged and fostered to explore this including understanding of subject specific vocabulary. Geographical skills such as enquiry, investigation and analysis are fostered throughout and progression can be found in the form of formal and semi-formal progression planners for KS2 and above.



Our students will be equipped with the local knowledge to be able to navigate their local area to the best of their ability and as independently as possible. Our students will be able to apply their geographical knowledge to the community so they are able to complete activities such as public transport, visiting local shops, accessing amenities (pharmacy, post office, post box etc). Our students will, where possible, have an understanding of their place geographically in the wider world and be able to use their geographical knowledge in practice.