Addington School

Addington School House System



At Addington school pupils are put into a house team when they arrive. We have Red Eagles, Blue Sharks, Green Crocodiles and Yellow Tigers. Throughout the year we operate a house point system to motivate students and reward good work or actions, certificates are awarded for every twenty five points and given out in assemblies.

Every year we have elections where pupils from year 6 and FE can put themselves forward as a candidate to be House Captain. They make a poster which goes up around school and say a little bit about themselves in assembly before the election date. Classes then select who they would like for house captain and make a vote at our polling station.

House captains are responsible for setting a good example, collecting the trophy for the winning team for sports day and the trophy for highest house point totals each term.

We have a series of house events over the year including: Cricket, Football, Boccia and a house quiz. These are all well attended and encourage pupils to try something different and work with others.