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General ideas for making Maths learning as fun as possible:

Make any maths learning as interactive as possible.  There are some basic number worksheets on the right hand side of this page, but wherever possible, include number learning in practical activities such as cooking, play or online shopping.


Depending on the age / ability of your child, play board games, sing number rhymes, fill and empty different sized containers with water.


Maths can be done outdoors – try setting up races (e.g. potato and spoon), or simple obstacle courses.  Use a timer to see if your child can beat their last time.


Some pupils in KS3 have a Doodlemaths login – access maths learning on the Doodlemaths app or through the Doodlemaths website.


There are plenty of maths resources on Education City, Discovery Espresso and lots of maths activities on Twinkl (please see our main Home Learning page for details of how to login to those websites).

Sumdog is a Maths website offering free parental accounts – we are currently investigating how this resource could benefit our Addington pupils, but feel free to have a look yourself. The resource can be accessed on a computer, mobile or tablet.  Go to www.sumdog.com or download the free Sumdog app available on Apple or Android.


Doodle Maths


If your child has a Doodle account (we have signed up for Maths and English) then you may wish to learn more about how this resource can be used at home.


Firstly, ask your child to login to Doodlemaths (using the free to download Doodlemaths app available on Apple or Android).

Click on the purple icon for grown ups.

Create a parent account.  Enter your email address.  

There are webinars for parents on the main Doodle webpage.



Please note that we are still on a learning curve with this resource - so far we have been  'dabbling' in Doodlemaths at school and so please bear with us while we ourselves develop expertise. 


Also note that the work on Doodlemaths will automatically get harder the more your child answers questions correctly.  Therefore, if you give too much help to your child on Doodlemaths the questions will quickly become too difficult for them. Please bear this in mind when supporting your child.


Julie Gibbins

Head of Maths and Cognition


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