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Wellbeing - Explorers - Visualisation, Body Scans and Self Care

A mindful activity to do together as a family, is to listen to visualisation stories. 


Visualisation is similar to daydreaming, it is accomplished through the use of your imagination. Quite simply it is training your mind to allow you to leave a stressful situation by picturing yourself somewhere else! Depending on how lockdown is going in your household, it might be time for everyone to decide on their own personal happy place and really embrace this technique.


Visualisation is an amazing mindfulness tool, and a great way to gently bring your thoughts away from worries and panic, take a moment to focus on your breathing and imagine a tranquil setting.


This will send a message to your brain to calm down too- the more you practise the more efficient this tactic becomes.


I have created a collection of thee themed around the Elements; Fire

Body Scan

In the above link, there  are also some body scan recordings as well ( long and short) which will help relax the body and mind too.


On the Home Learning Yoga page there are also some links to yoga You Tube  practices with  a yoga teacher called Yoga with Adriene. She has a beautiful dog called Benji who joins her in the practise and the themes I have chosen can really support your own well-being.


There will also be videos and PDF’s of specific yoga flows  loaded up on this page that will support any concerns with sleep, worries/anxiety, confidence and focus

I personally like to do these myself and as a parent you might find these really beneficial. So important to look after your self-care during these times as well.


There will be a yoga flow to support our home learning topic of ‘ Home