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Spring Is Here

Literacy Activity 1 - Story Time

Enjoy watching the video and follow along with the BOOK.pdf attached below. 

When there are three words together such as sniff sniff sniff, squish squish squish, knock knock knock, etc, can you join in with these actions?

After watching and reading the story, can you answer the COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS attached below? Your class teacher can tell you which level of questions to ask. Don't forget to use the COMMUNICATION BOARD to help with the answers!

Literacy Activity 1 Resources

 Spring Is Here BOOK.pdfDownload
 Spring Is Here COMMUNICATION BOARD.pdfDownload
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Literacy Activity 2 - Story Role Play

Can you remember the sequence of the story? You can follow along with the video if you like, or just pick one scene to recreate.

Resources needed (download below):

  • Printed STORY MAP
  • Scissors

Activity steps:

  1. Print out the resources
  2. Re-watch the story video above
  3. Cut out your ROLEPLAY MASKS
  4. Using your masks and the STORY MAP to help remember the sequence, can you act out each part of the story? You can also use the COMMUNICATION BOARD as a communication aid.

Literacy Activity 2 Resources

 Spring Is Here COMMUNICATION BOARD.pdfDownload
 Spring Is Here ROLEPLAY MASKS.pdfDownload
 Spring Is Here STORY MAP.pdfDownload
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Literacy Activity 3 - Making a Story Map

It's time to make a story map! You can either use the resources below, or for a real CHALLENGE you could make your own map with your own drawings, arrows and labels.

Resources needed:

  • Printed STORY MAP
  • Printed STORY MAP TEMPLATE (not needed if doing the CHALLENGE)
  • Pens/pencils and blank paper (if doing the CHALLENGE)

Activity steps:

  1. Re-watch the story video above, following along with your printed STORY MAP
  2. Cut out each square on your STORY MAP
  3. Make your own story map by sticking the cut out squares in order of the story. You can use the STORY MAP TEMPLATE for a three part map, choosing three moments from the story that represent the beginning, middle and end. Or you can stick them to a blank sheet if you'd like to do more!
  4. Retell the story using your map!


If you’re feeling really confident, you can make your own map from scratch, doing your own drawings and captions!

Literacy Activity 3 Resources

 Spring Is Here COMMUNICATION BOARD.pdfDownload
 Spring Is Here STORY MAP.pdfDownload
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Literacy Activity 4 - Let's write!

It's time to write some sentences! Enjoy completing the worksheet, or if you fancy a real challenge, why not compose your own sentences in our CHALLENGE?

Resources needed

  • Printed COMPOSING SENTENCES worksheet
  • Pen/pencil OR scissors and glue
  • Blank sheet of lined paper (if doing the CHALLENGE)

Activity steps

  1. Retell the story using your story map from activity 3
  2. Complete the COMPOSING SENTENCES worksheet by either writing in the words or cutting and sticking the symbols


Choose a scene from the book and verbally compose a sentence about it. Repeat the sentence a few times before writing the sentence in shared writing.

Shared writing is where the adult fills in the trickier parts of a sentence using a different colour pen. You can find instructions on how to do shared writing in more detail in the document how to do shared writing. You can also use Shape Coding when composing the sentence, more information can be found about this in the Shape Coding - how to guide.

Literacy Activity 4 Resources

 How to do shared writing.pdfDownload
 Shape Coding- how to guide.pdfDownload
 Spring Is Here COMPOSING SENTENCES.pdfDownload
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Extension Activity 1 - All About Spring

Enjoy learning all about Spring with the PowerPoint below.

Extension Activity 2 - Spring word search

 Spring Word Search.pdfDownload
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Extension Activity 3 - Spring pencil control worksheets

 Spring pencil control worksheets.pdfDownload
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Sensory Story

Follow the instructions below to adapt this book into a sensory story.



You will need the following props


  • Torch or mobile phone
  • Clock or access to YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euCViLHKFrk
  • Silk material. 
  • Tray of mud/soil
  • Freshly cut flowers/leaves or essential oils and artificial flowers
  • Twigs or sticks
  • Access to YouTube for knocking sound or knock a door or hard surface. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUoWCZ8AtBY
  • Access to YouTube for Horn Sound or use Toy Horn - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOPIFSw5UZU
  • Feathers
  • Milk or diary free alternative
  • Vanilla essence or a sweet treat
  • YouTube link to snoring sound - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYjKPG-w53A
  • Favourite teddy or bedtime comforter




Page and suggested activities


Page One – Shine a touch light at the child.

Page Two – Child to listen to sound of clock ticking

Page Three – Child to feel the silk

Page Four - Child to feel texture of mud/soil

Page five – Child to smell flowers

Page six – tap twigs on child’s arms and legs gently.

Page seven – Child to listen to sound of knocking door

Page eight - Brush feathers up and down child’s arm.

Page nine – Child to listen to horn Sound.

Page ten – Child to smell flowers

Page eleven  – Child to taste milk or dairy free alternative.

Page twelve – Child to smell vanilla essence or taste something sweet

Page thirteen – Child to smell flowers

Page fourteen – Child to smell flowers and play snoring sound

Page fifteen – Child to explore favourite teddy or bedtime comforter


Sensory Play Ideas


Colourful Flower Sensory Bottle

You will need:


  • Empty plastic bottle 
  • Colourful  beads

  • Fake flowers

  • Flower confetti


Fill an empty bottle with a handful of each and create a lovely sensory bottle that can give hours of entertainment and fun. Can you make any other Spring sensory bottles?



Flower Soup


You will need:


  • Tray or Bucket
  • Water 
  • Spoon
  • Fresh Flowers


Find some fresh flowers from the garden or a nature walk and explore them in bucket or tray of water. Can you make a flower soup or perfume with them?


Frozen Flowers Sensory Ice Play

frozen flowers sensory play activity


You will need:


  • Flowers
  • Water
  • Small Pots


Go on a nature hunt for flowers and pick your favourite. In the sink or with a tray, explore the water and add water to small pots. Add the flowers to the pot and put in the freezer for a couple of hours and you will have these beautiful frozen sensory blocks. What colours are in your flower ice block?