Addington School

Sock Pairs! 

Watch the video below and see if you can help Rachel find the matching sock pairs to hang on her washing line! 

Why not try this activity at home with your own socks!

Can you put the socks in pairs?

How do you know these socks are a pair?

How are the pairs of socks different?

Can you count how many pairs of socks there are? 

Are there any odd socks? If so, how many?

Now try some of the activities below! 

  1. Cut and stick sock pairs 
  2. Patterned socks pairing activity 
  3. Counting in 2s 
  4. Design a pair of socks 
  5. Counting in 2s dot to dot 
  6. Counting in 2s - shoe themed matching game
 counting in 2s dot to dot.pdfDownload
 counting in 2s shoe matching game.pdfDownload
 counting in 2s.pdfDownload
 Cut and stick sock pairs.pdfDownload
 design a pair of socks.pdfDownload
 Patterned sock pairing game.pdfDownload
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