Addington School

Home Sweet Home- Maths Challenges

Are you ready to try our new Home Sweet Home challenges? Switch those Maths brains on and get ready... 

Challenge 1: Measuring Feet

Developing your measuring and accuracy skills

Become detectives with this activity!

  1. See how many different size shoes you can find in your house. 
  2. Put a large piece of paper on the floor (you could stick pieces together). 
  3. Make sure you have a pencil/pens, building blocks (or any other objects you can find) or if you want to challenge yourself more, you could use a ruler!
  4. Draw around each shoe very carefully. 
  5. Put the building blocks (or other objects) next to the shoe and count how many you need from the bottom of the shoe to the top! Write the number next to each shoe. 
  6. If using a ruler, put the ruler next to the shoe and measure the line from the bottom to the top. Write the number next to each shoe.
  7. Lastly! See which shoe is the biggest and which is the smallest!

Please see example below.

Challenge 2: Number Line and Addition

Developing your addition and subtraction skills

  1. Using pegs and a coat hanger, make your own number line. Start with numbers 1-10 and if you are feeling brave, try 1-20! 
  2. Use your pegs to help solve simple additions sums. When you are confident with addition, why not try subtraction too! 
  3. Practice writing the numbers and how to write the number problems. 
  4. You could also use a dice to generate the numbers for you and make addition fun!! 

Please see example below. 

Challenge 3: Where am I? 

Developing your positional language skills

  1. Find your favourite toy. 
  2. See if you can follow directions from your family for example; put the teddy in front of the chair. 
  3. Swap with your family, see if you can use the key words to describe to your family where you want them to put your favourite toy. 
  4. When you feel confident with this, maybe you could use two of your favourite toys?

Please see example below for key words.