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Numbers - Explorers - Shapes



Can you try some of these shape activities at home?

  1. Make a picture using shapes - which shapes did you use? How many of each shape did you need? 
  2. Sort shapes- Find some objects from around your home. Can you sort all the circles, triangles, squares etc into groups?
  3. Shape printing- find some objects from around the home. Dip them in some paint. What shape do they reveal when you print on the paper? 
  4. Shape Pizza- what shapes are the toppings on your pizza? You can make a paper plate pizza or a real one!
  5. Shapes in playdough. Push the shapes into the dough- what shapes can you see? 

How many sides and how many corners do the shapes have? 


Watch this shape video and join in at home! Shape video


Try out this shape sensory play activity at home: Shape Hunt

For this activity you will need: 

  • Bowl/ tray
  • Flour/oats/rice
  • Shapes to put in the bowl

Hide the shapes in your sensory tray and touch and feel to find where they are!