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5 Little Ducks (Number)


Watch Lauren singing 5 little ducks and join in too! 

 5 Little Ducks.mp4Download
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Using the links below, create your very own 5 little ducks role play theme! Use the counters and frame to help you count from 5 whilst singing the song. You could even use the role play masks and stick puppets to really get your imagination and role play skills going! 

 Five Little Ducks Counters.pdfDownload
 Five Little Ducks Five Frame Landscape.pdfDownload
 Five Little Ducks Role Play Masks.pdfDownload
 Five Little Ducks Small World Background.pdfDownload
 Five Little Ducks Stick Puppets.pdfDownload
 Five Little Ducks Story Stones Image Cut-Outs.pdfDownload
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