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Fruit Patterns! 

Watch the videos of Rachel making Fruit Kebabs.

What patterns does she make?

Can you make your own Fruit Kebab patterns?

What other items can you use to make a pattern? 

Why not try some of the activity sheets too!

Can you complete any of the pattern activity sheets below? 

1. 2D Shape repeating patterns

2. 2D shape repeating patterns 2 

3. Building brick patterns

4. Fruit repeating patterns

5. Make your own pattern

6. Repeating Shapes and Colours

7. Stripy Scarves repeating patterns. 


 2D shape repeating patterns.pdfDownload
 2D shapes repeating patterns 2.pdfDownload
 Building brick patterns.pdfDownload
 Fruit repeating patterns.pdfDownload
 Make your own pattern.pdfDownload
 Repeating shapes and patterns.pdfDownload
 Stripey scarves repeating patterns.pdfDownload
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Making more Patterns!

Rachel makes more patterns using different items around her home. Can you find any toys or objects to make your own patterns? Why not try vegetable printing patterns!