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Number Activities with Playdough

Everybody loves playdough, so why not practice your Maths skills at the same time!

Activity 1- Weighing: 

  • Making your own playdough: Use the link below to follow the instructions and method on how to make your own playdough. First, make sure you have weighed out all your ingredients accurately.
  • Challenge: Can you find all the equipment you will need independently? Can you weigh some of the ingredients independently? 

See link below for the ingredients and the method. 

 Ingredients and Method for making Playdough Word.docxDownload
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Activity 2- Number Playdough Mats 1-10 

  • Using the playdough you have made, see if you can make the numbers 1-10. This is really important for your fine motor skills and number recognition! 

Activity 3- Number Playdough Mats 11-20

  • Challenge: Once you have made the numbers 1-10, see if you can continue 11-20! 

Once you have had a go at making your numbers using playdough, why not see if you can write the numbers using a pen or pencil...

See link below for playdough mats. 

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Activity 4- Count and Smash (ideally, use a dice with this activity)

  • Using the playdough you have already made, roll out a number of playdough balls (this is where the different colour balls really come in handy). 
  • First, roll the dice and count out that number of play dough balls.
  • Then choose a play dough tool to smash the balls as they count! Find something in your home which you could use as a tool (safely) e.g. rolling pin, if you do not have playdough tools. 

Activity 5- Playdough and Multiplication 

  • Using the playdough you have already made, make some flat shapes and some round balls.
  • You could use a dice for this activity or you could make up your own numbers. 
  • The first number is the number of flat shapes you make e.g. 3.
  • The second number is the number of balls you make and place onto each flat shape e.g. 4. 
  • Then add all the balls together to find your total e.g. 12.
  • Challenge: See if you can write the number sentence e.g. 3 x 4 = 12. You could even write this with playdough! 

See picture below for an example.