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Independent Dressing / What Shall We Wear?

A series of activities on a theme - not designed to be done all at once!


The following communication boards may help you when talking about clothes or playing dress-up.

 clothes - level 2.pdfDownload
 dress up - level 2.pdfDownload
 Dressing up - Level 3.pdfDownload
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Activity 1: Story Time!

Learning how to get dressed has never been so much fun! Enjoy this lovely illustrated story to teach your child how to get dressed!

Activity 2: Practical Activity

Step 1: Watch the YouTube video of the getting dressed song. 

Step 2: Watch the video of Laura getting ready to go outside in the garden! What does she need to wear?


Step 3: Now it is time to get dressed! Can you show us and your family at home your great independence skills? We would love to see your videos!
Please use the tick sheet below as a motivator if appropriate. 


 Information Sheet for tick sheet.pdfDownload
 Routine Cards.pdfDownload
 Tick List.pdfDownload
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Activity 3: Sorting Activities

Can you create different outfits using the activity sheet below? Can you match the different outfits to different weathers?

 Base Boards.pdfDownload
 Items to Sort.pdfDownload
 Pictures of Completed Activity.pdfDownload
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Activity 4: Let's Play A Game!

In this interactive game, children are prompted to dress up the characters in school uniform. The game involves rolling a dice and matching the dotty dice pattern to a piece of clothing that has the same pattern on it. Then, the child has to place the clothing on the character in the correct order. The winner is the player that has dressed their character correctly, ready for school first! This is a great way to teach your child the basic principles of getting dressed.

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