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Using a Knife and Fork

 A series of activities on a theme - not designed to be done all at once!

Activity 1: Playdough

Watch Chloe the OT using a knife and fork with playdough. Can you try this at home?

You could even have a go at making a pretend Playdough Dinner!

(If you don't have playdough, try this simple recipe)

Activity 2: Role Play

Tea set role play provides lots of opportunities for play and communication:

verbs - pour, pass, drink, eat
prepositions - in, on, next to
nouns - colours, food, drinks, cutlery and crockery items
Social skills and communication - turn-taking, joint focus, sharing, listening, attending, observing, talking.

No tea set at home? Use real items or print out these templates.

The communication boards below may be useful for this activity.

For more ideas on play and communication, see this document or ask your class team for suggestions.

 role play - level 2.pdfDownload
 Role play- Level 3.pdfDownload
 Tea set - Level 3.pdfDownload
 Tea set - Level 2.pdfDownload
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Activity 3: Story

Use with caution: may give people ideas!

This book lists "alternative" ways to eat your food without cutlery. It has funny illustrations and lots of rhyming words.

Activity 4: Cucumber Sandwiches

Practise using a knife for spreading and slicing, Instructions in the PowerPoint below. If you're feeling brave you could try grating some cheese too!