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Colour Changing Flowers

In spring flowers can be found growing everywhere! Flowers of all different colours and sizes. Can you find a flower that is your favourite colour? Here is a fun activity for you to try.. make a flower your favourite colour if you can't find one.

Above is a short video on how to turn white flowers in to colourful ones.

Top tip for colour changing flowers:

  • Cut the stems short for more colour on the petals, this also makes the colour change quicker.

What you will need: 

  • Glasses (enough for each flower) & a jug of water
  • A handful of white flowers
  • Different food colourings 
  • Something to cut the flowers on 
  • Scissors or sharp knife to cut stems of flowers 
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Linked above are some flower colouring worksheets and a colour hunt worksheet - you can use this to find flowers in your garden or on a walk. How many of each colour can you find? If you do not have a printer at home then you could make your own colour hunt checklist and flower pictures, use as many colours as you can!