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Creative - Transport - Session 1 - Music

Hello everyone, it's time for music with Sean!

Welcome to session one of our 'Transport' scheme. This session starts and ends with the hello and goodbye songs and features two recurring activities this term. Also in this session we explore tempo changes and singing in a round. Here is some information about each activity in this video:

  • Hello Song (Calming) - A familiar song to start each session. It is an opportunity to say hello to everyone. There is also a gap to say hello using your name too.
  • Stretch Your Wings (Movement) - A warm up activity designed to wake up your body and mind. Copy Sean with slow breathing to warm up your lungs and open your body to your stretch your wings.
  • The Hill (The Train Song) (Playing Instruments) - An instrumental activity focussed on changing between slow and fast playing. As the train goes up the hill, students play slow and when the music changes to go down the hill, play fast. There is a pause between sections which gets longer each time to build anticipation. Can you change between playing slow and fast? Can you anticipate when to change tempo? Can you play with a sense of pulse (to the beat)? Can you sing at the same time as playing?
  • Song of the Paddle (Singing) - A singing activity with a challenge. This activity focuses on primarily developing singing with the use of signs to support key words. This song can be sung in a round (which means sing the same song but start at different times - like Frere Jacques) which is introduced during the video. Explore trying to sing the song when there are two parts being performed and explore singing the second part of the round. Can I sing key words of the song? Can I use Makaton signs to support my singing? Can I sing the short song? Can I sing as part of a round?
  • Short Ride in a Fast Machine (Calming) - A listening activity. Find a relaxing position to listen to the music. If you want to, you could use bubbles for support relaxation. An additional activity would be to talk about the music after it has finished (pause the video). How did the music make you feel? Did you hear any changes in the music (loud/quiet/fast/slow)? What instruments could you hear?
  • Goodbye Song (Calming) - A familiar song to end each session. It is an opportunity to say goodbye to everyone. There is also a gap to say goodbye using your name too.

There will be a new video in two weeks time.

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