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Spring and April Showers Colouring

Activity 1:

Spring and April Showers Colouring: Enjoy a relaxing and mindful colouring in session with these lovely Spring and April
                                                                         Showers colouring pages.

Spring Words Colouring: Have a look at this activity and learn some words to do with Spring, then colour in the pictures.                                                    Maybe you could try and write the words yourself? Can you think of any other words to do with                                                    Spring?

See below for the colouring sheets and words colouring.

 April Showers Colouring Sheet.pdfDownload
 Spring colouring sheets.pdfDownload
 Spring Words Colouring Sheets.pdfDownload
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Activity 2: 

Spring Bunting: Why not colour in some beautiful Spring Bunting, cut them out and hang them up around your home.                                     This activity will definitely brighten your day!  

See below for the spring bunting.

 Spring mindfulness bunting.pdfDownload
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Activity 3:

Spring Colour By Number: Have a go at these brilliant colour by number sheets. Some are about Spring, others are                                                                 about April Showers. Make sure you check you are colouring in the right number! 

See below for the colour by number sheets.

 Spring Colour by Number.pdfDownload
 Spring umbrella colour by number.pdfDownload
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Activity 4:

Spring Mindfulness Colouring Bookmarks: Colour in these beautiful bookmarks and put your name on them. Then cut                                                                                          them out and use them whilst reading your books at home!

See below for the bookmarks.

 Spring Mindfulness Colouring Bookmarks.pdfDownload
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Activity 5:

Design an umbrella: Have a go at designing your own umbrella with this activity sheet. Have a think about what you                                                   would use to make an umbrella and why? Would you make an umbrella out of paper? What                                                         would happen to your umbrella if you made it out of paper and it rained? Be as creative as possible                                           with this brilliant activity!

See below for activity sheet.

 Design an umbrella activity sheet.pdfDownload
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