Addington School

Family Fun - Explorers - activity 7

Halloween drama fun!

Activity 1

Aim:  To show simple reflex responses (for example; sudden movements or noises)


  • A torch. Parents can use torch on mobile phone if you do not have a torch.
  • Halloween music.  You can find some on YouTube.
  • A witches hat (optional) but good to get into character!  


  1. Play Halloween music.
  2. Turn off the lights.
  3. Use torch and move it around the room.
  4. Say.... ' Witch, Witch, where do you fly, under the clouds and over the sky.'
  5. Young person  to observe the witches flying (torch) around the room and follow and react.
  6. Family to take in turns using the torch.

Optional: Family could try and make some Halloween sounds. Not to scary! :-)



Activity 2

Aim: To participate in shared activities with less support. To sustain concentration for short periods.



  • A bed sheet 
  • Halloween music.  You can find some on YouTube.



 1. Play Halloween music 

 2. Family member to put sheet over them and pretend to be a Ghost and to hide.

 3. Young person to gesture or vocalise where the Ghost is in the room. Make ghost noises.

 4. When the young person gets it correct, say 'BOO!' 

 5. Swap the ghost turn, ensuring all the family has a go! 


Activity 3

Aim: To respond to others in group situations [for example, taking turns appropriately in a game


  • A bunch of keys 
  • Halloween music.  You can find some on YouTube.
  • An eye mask or scarf (blindfold) 
  • Optional: witches hat 



  1. Play Halloween music 
  2. Choose a player to be “Keeper of the Witches Keys” and invite them to sit on the seat with a set of keys underneath.
  3. The “Keeper” wears a blindfold or keeps their eyes closed.
  4. Invite all other players to sit in a circle 5-7 feet from the seat with the keys.
  5. Select one person to sneak forward and attempt to get the keys without the “Keeper” hearing them.
  6. The person steals the keys and brings them back to the outer circle without the “Keeper” knowing.
  7. Once the keys are taken, all players pretend they have the keys behind their back. 
  8. The "Keeper" then takes off the blindfold and has to guess  who has taken the keys.
  9. Repeat with a new person as the “Keeper.”